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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-03-07 - 2:47 p.m.

KASF Event Report

Overall, had a good time. Certainly not the best time I've ever had at an event, but not bad either.

We stayed with Amalia and Jonathes Friday night and rode down with them Saturday morning. We got there and quickly changed, hung out a bit with some other members of the barony, and then watched the Baronial Performing Arts Chamionship.

It was a double elimination tournament style, which was WEIRD for the performing arts. Each barony picked a champion to represent them. A pair would perform, and the judges pick which one 'won'. The loser would go into the loser's bracket and the winner into the winner's bracket. Nine baronies were represented, so it took FOREVER.

There was an odd number, so Syr Richard challenged into the first round against Storvik. He sung the song he wrote for his last lady (which, oddly enough, describes me better than it did her, but we hadn't even met yet) and won against a song that was totally unmemorable.

Then for the first round he sung my song against Ponte Alto, I think. Their champion sung a filk "She Who Dies With the Most Fabric Wins" to the tune of "Anne Get Your Gun." It was cute, and the winner would depend on the judge's criteria (are we going for entertainment value or periodicity? Also, Richard wrote his song and someone else wrote Ponte Alto's champion's song). Richard wont that one.

Other memorable first round performances included Windmaster's champions "Latin song" (I think the title is Latin for "I do not like you," but that's just a guess. Amalia bought his CD later. I really enjoyed the harp (I forget who that was), but the judges didn't so much. A shame, I think that was the only instrumental performer.

Second round, Richard went against Windmaster's. Richard did the Knights in the Snow one (I think of it as "The Fight of Their Lives"), but I forget what Windmaster's champion did. Windmaster's won that one.

Other memorable second round performances . . . the Japanese guy (sounds like E, but I'm sure it's spelled differently) had an interesting story about wisdom.

There was a break then for the persona pentathelon competition, and I decided that I needed a nap (I always feel better after that). Especially events with a lot of people squeezed into too small an indoor space (type of event and the rain keeping people in), I just get worn down by the hubub. I retired to Jonthas's truck and didn't emerge until just before court.

Evidently a lot of people were unhappy with the judging for Richard's next round. I don't remember who he went against, but the song she chose was too high for her to sing well. Richard sang a song he wrote for Nottinghill (ironic, that, as Dun Carraig's champion, especially since Nottinghill didn't HAVE a champion, but he hasn't been here long enough to write a song for Dun Carriag). Ah well. He did better than we expected, and I think he's pleased. The two finalists (E and Windmaster's champ) were VERY polished, and that sort of thing only comes with time. Richard's singing is improving, and I think that's what matters.

Court was fun, especially the final Pelicaning ceremony. It was worth the whole trip just to see Dame Anne as Lust! Heh, she was cute.

Talked with her a little as she was leaving. Should have introduced her to Amalia (who was at the table with me), but I didn't think about it until later (I think I assumed that they knew each other, since Amalia's the baroness, but Amalia said later that she only knew OF Anne).

I really admire Kyneburh as Queen. She does a great job, and I'm sad that I've been absent from the SCA for so much of her reign (finishing thesis, graduating, moving, finding a job and a house will do that to one). I'd love to chat with her some about developing that sort of 'presence' once she steps down and has a bit more time.

Feast was fun for the company, but a bit unsatisfying (well, I expected that, being on Atkins). We stopped for fast food on the way home. I drove a bit, but had to hand over before crossing the Scary Bridge (301 over the Potomac). I've only done it twice in my truck, and Jonthas's truck is about a foot wider! It was only about 20 minutes to their house after that, though, so he finished the drive. No big deal.