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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-07-20 - 12:18 p.m.

Novice Tourney Best and Worst:

(second entry of the day; if you want to read about my project for Ponte Alto's November event, flip back one)


Getting to see Gwynefar

Lots of compliments on the new Viking garb

The weather; it was hot and sweaty, but we were amazed at how comfortable we were in JULY. It was more like a late April or early May event than a July one. For us.

Getting to play Irish with Lady Kaolin and Amalia.

The B&B's new pavilion. It's HUGE and it rocks.

Discovering that there ARE hounds and coursing up here. I haven't heard anything (though I haven't really looked yet, either), and was starting to get worried.

Greg authorized. He was a bit overwhelmed by all the garb, but seemed to enjoy the event.

Conversation at Ledos afterwards. Amusing that we all agreed on the worst of the event.


Chinese pottery

They didn't course the hounds (because of the heat).

Feast. Pretty much the only thing I ate were the two different types of oatmeal-ish dishes. Everything was increadibly bland. Except the sausage, which was undercooked (and I don't eat sausage anyway).

Forgetting to take a good picture of me, alone, in my new garb, all accessorized. There's one with Richard, Gwen, and I, but I'm partially covered and the angle made me look really FAT for some reason.

Not acting as Theron and Kaolin's herald. I was holding their banner during the procession, and when Pedro asked if I was the personal herald I shook my head. Should have done it, it would have been fun (and low pressure; I'm terribly nervous about voice heraldry).

The B&B's pavilion needs carpeting.

Not meeting anyone new. I'm too shy and it's really starting to annoy me.

Richard not wearing his prosthesis. He got an ingrown hair, so left it off for a few days. I was pretty beat the next day from doing all the lifting and carrying. I did get the guys to move Richard's chair around, though. That thing is awkward when it's all put together.

Forgetting drinks. We were trying to keep things light (since I'd have to be doing it all), and since we didn't take a cooler, no drinks got packed at all. Had to run out at lunch and get some.