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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-10-10 - 10:56 p.m.

Pictures from Crusades

I'm falling dreadfully behind on this diary. It's an edited version of my livejournal, and recently I haven't gotten around to editing. I'm about a month behind telling about Whidbey, and have been to two events and a demo since I got back...

For now, the pictures from Crusades.

And me, marshalling:

Richard said I looked like a professional farmer. I was wearing the Viking, since it's the only thing I'm not embarrassed to be seen in that doesn't drag the ground. The tabard was made by Richard's ex-wife (Mistress Margaret), who was a weaving Laurel (yep, it's woven). Got a lot of compliments on it all day, which was weird.

"Um, thanks, it was made by my knight's ex-wife . . . who was a weaving Laurel in Atlantia in the 80's . . . um, yeah"

I was required to wear eye protection, so there's my reason for the hat (even with the overcast skies). The eye protection I have are reflective safety glasses . . . sunglasses in the SCA are a pet peeve of mine; I HATE them. I had a pair of regular safety glasses, but I'm not sure where they got to in the move.

I'm standing on a hay bale, and the staff (on the ground) is exactly my height. It's Richard's staff, obviously.