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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-11-14 - 6:09 p.m.

A Day at the Races

Pictures here:

Of course, I didn't get any of myself ::pout::

I started off the day in my new Burgundian. Very nice. After everyone arrived and got sorted out, the racers paraded to the field (I got some pictures, but the speed was too quick to get everyone!).

It was COLD and WINDY, but I was mostly toasty warm. The exception was my ears and nose, and the wind whipping the veil was giving me a headache, so I drifted in and out of the hall during the races.

I probably annoyed the Princess (bookie for the races) by having such a huge disconnect between how my name looks and is pronounced (Helewyse, but I'm getting in the habit of dropping the 'h'; not sure if I should do that). And I thought it couldn't get worse from Alienor ;-) Luckily, the hennin made me easy to spot!

Jonathas won the races, though. He looked like he was having such a good time, too.

We retired indoors, and I played a couple of games of Irish, first with Amalia, then I taught Baroness Johanna (of Storvik) to play. She's evidently an avid Backgammon player, and really seemed to enjoy the game (and she throughly beat up on me! ;-)

They announced dancing, and I tried Horse's Bransle in the Burgundian before I gave up. We were in the loft, which was HOT to start with, plus the dress weighs 10 pounds At LEAST. I retrieved the red kirtle from the car and changed (missing one or two dances), and then we did Gathering Peascods. Then the dance mistress decided to take a 10 minute break and we never started back again.

Booger. Especially since I changed and everything!

Court was fine. Right before it started Richard told me he was too hot in the hall, so I asked him if he wanted to go in the loft (with the windows open so he wouldn't be too hot). Worked out well, since I got a nice picture of Jonathas getting the banner for his racing skill earlier in the day.

Feast... I'm a picky eater. I think I need to start bringing something for feasts that I don't want to eat anything.

The feast was made of things with sugar, things Denise does not eat (olives, peas, turnips, cooked carrots), and seasonings Denise does not like (black pepper and sage). The meats were very unfortunate (from my point of view). The beef in the peppered beef stew was SO TENDER (but it knocked you back with the pepper), and the Tuscan chicken was also Juicy and Tender (but I hate sage).

I ate bread and a slice of white tart. I could have made a meal of the white tart, but I would have felt SO SICK from all that sugar.

So, it's not the cook's fault, I'm just picky. Amalia and Jonathas throughly enjoyed their meal, but they accompanied us to Ledo's afterwards for a second meal.

Bests and Worsts:

New dress and lots of compliments
Seeing Jonathas enjoy himself with the races
Teaching Irish to Baroness Johanna
Getting home at 10:30 from an event that we stayed for everything and went to dinner afterwards

Silk veil in high winds
Things that I do not eat