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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2005-03-03 - 11:21 p.m.

Nesting updates

Wow, I've been nesting! Mostly the pictures show the paint, but there's a few other things.

First, the kitchen...

The walls are a deep green, and you can see the join between the dining room and kitchen on the left of the second one. It's just a line dropped straight down from the edge of the cabinet. The wall in front of the powder room (picture came out blurry so I'll have to do another) is the green from the dining room, which is 2 shades lighter than the main kitchen color.

Dining room. The curtains I have to put on the sliding glass door have wooden rings and are the same green as the kitchen walls (like exactly dead on). You can also see the light that was hanging in the living room (stupid). There will be a chair rail on the color join, but it's pretty low priority.

This was mostly to get the green and blue together. You can see the powder room color a bit, too, which is 2 shades lighter than the living room. Also to get a bit of perspective on the kitchen/dining room combo.

The living room. Um... need furniture! The couch used to live in front of the entertainment center, but it looks better against the wall (having the long couch back to the room entrance isn't good; need smaller chairs and loveseats). The table lamp is for my bedroom, but I haven't found one that I like for the living room yet (well, I found one I loved for $200, but that was more than I was willing to pay for a single lamp!). Curtains are the same color as the kitchen walls (and sliding door kitchens), but obviously I haven't put them up yet. The little cabinet in the corner on the second picture is going to go upstairs for the guinea pigs, it just hasn't made it up there yet.

Ceiling fan is new, and the speakers are "new to me" (along with a stereo tuner!).

Oh, and on the top edge of the first picture, if you look closely you can see the blank plate where the chandiler was hung. DUMB! And the light that was in the dining room.... too small for the space! Switching the dining room light and taking the one in the living room out helped to clear up the 'space confusion' (what's that light for?).

More house notes... I LOVE my house. Um... the ceilings are 9 ft, so that helps open the room up a lot (and allowed me to use some darker colors). The biggest thing that painting did was give the ceiling definition. When everything was builder beige, it seemed like the walls went up FOREVER. Now there's a definate ceiling, so the walls seem much less cavernous. Awesome!

Kitchen/dining room are tile, and the living room is berber (some days the seam line bothers me, but you really can't get berber to NOT have a seam). I like the carpet because the color flecks help hide dirt and stuff, but it's VERY easy to lose pins and needles when sewing!

Went art shopping tonight... found a piece I loved for the kitchen wall (next to the pantry). The only frame I found that I liked was a unfinished wood (I'll stain it to match the cabinets), so its not up yet. I'm having a hard time deciding themes... once I pick one piece, I have to coordinate everything else to it (I found a lovely Japanese style of Koi that would look great with the colors in the powder room. . . except the fixtures are SO not Japanese style.... so I didn't get it).

So, hope you enjoyed the tour through my house! I didn't think to take pictures of the foyer (same color as the living room), the powder room turned out blurry, and the guest bedroom (a pastel green) is storage for paint supplies. My office is waiting for pastel yellow, and the upstairs hall will be pastel brown. Plus, deck building is planned for mid-March, so there's still plenty of pictures to come.