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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-01-26 - 7:43 p.m.

Living in the Frozen North

Hmph. People are CRAZY to live in the North. Really, it's not fit for human habitation. First, a week of windchills in the zeros, and now . . . what's all this white stuff? And you expect me to drive to work in it?

Well, the benefit of living with your parents and working in the same building as your Father is that you can bum a ride to work. And after work I got a snow/ice/slush driving lesson. Fun, fun.

Assuming that I don't freeze in place, it looks like we'll be at University. However, it seems that the only garb that I can wear is my red summer cotehardie. I have a heavier, almost finished (could finish it in time without much of a problem) Burgundian, but the belt is buried in storage.

If you read this diary and plan to be at University, please say hello! I'd love to be able to put a face with a name.

Anyway, I'm off to do some more puttering and then to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow (it's supposed to ICE tonight, so I've got to leave EARLY for work!).