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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-05-21 - 9:31 p.m.

The results from my friendtest. Highest scoring answer is bold, most popular is italized. Scores were assigned from 0 to 10, with 10 describing me the most.

1. What am I most looking forward to about the new house? (besides getting out of my parents' house; that's too obvious)

Painting the walls different colors (1 point) 5
Having space for my stoneware (service for 20, plus all the odds and ends my parents collected for 20 years) (3 points) 5
Having an office to keep my papers out of the rest of the house (10 points) 18
Tile floor in the kitchen/breakfast nook (4 points) 0
All energy star appliances (6 points) 2

Overwhelmingly correct!

2. How do I wear my hair and why?

Long: don't have to take care of it (0 points) 2
Long; works better in the SCA (4 points) 6
Short; don't have to take care of (9 points) 12
Short; frames my face better (10 points) 10

The difference between the last two answers is slight (and thus, only a single point difference). I can neglect my hair equally well when it's long, but it looks like crap. I need it around my face and can only get that when it's short.

I did keep it long for the SCA for a long time, though. It was only when I became more comfortable with veils and such that I felt I could cut it.

3. What's my ambition in the SCA?

Put a crown/coronet around Flipper's neck (the seahorse on my arms) (7 points) 2
Have people come to me for advice/knowledge (10 points) 12
Laurel (5 points) 10
TO KNOW EVERYTHING! (7 points) 6
Queen (3 points) 0

The bit about heraldry is just something that amuses me. One of the first things lots of people do when they are entitled to a coronet is to obtain one (purchase, craft, however). One of the first things I plan to do is register it on my heraldry and then change my stuff to match. I LOVE the way it looks! That's the sole reason I have an animal on my arms.

The difference between the middle three is subtle, again. You can't know everything, but you can know enough to be recognized for knowing stuff. I crave the informal recognition from friends and associates, but would accept the formal recognition of a Laurel. Hopefully, the informal recognition would be there as well...

Queen, yeah, who would turn that down? Still, it's not an ambition.

4. What is the one thing I ALWAYS try to make sure to do at events?

Dance with my love (5 points) 10
Wear garb (7 points) 5
Take a nap (10 points) 6
SHOP! (3 points) 2
Visit with friends (9 points) 7

I'd love to always dance with Richard at events. Unfortunately, there aren't always opportunities, and when there are we seem to teach a lot (so we'll partner with inexperienced people to help them through, or do other 'leader' stuff that means we can't just be ourselves as much).

Wearing garb is something I always do, but I don't have to TRY to do it, it's second nature. Going to event? Wear garb. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way!

The nap is something I try to do. It's not about sleep as much as it's about 'introvert time'. I get overwhelmed with all of the people and personalities and need a break in the middle.

Shopping happens, sometimes, and visiting with friends is one of the reasons I do this!

5. What's the super sekrit SCA research project that I'm working on?

Garb. Is there any other SCA research project to work on? (2 points) 3
Flag twirling; it hasn't been done yet (10 points) 12
Banners; SCAdians don't use them enough (0 points) 0
Ladies; SCAdians don't act like them enough (7 points) 13
Silk painting; silk rocks! (5 points) 2

Studying the behavior of ladies isn't exactly super sekrit! I splash it about all over the place! :-) The flag thing, on the other hand, isn't exactly well known.

6. What TV Show do I watch every week (that it's on and new)?

Enterprise (3 points) 14
American Idol (0 points) 4
ER (4 points) 3
American Dreams (10 points) 6
Scrubs (6 points) 3

American Dreams is a family drama set in the early 60's. It's plotlines are good enough to keep me interested, unlike enterprise (which lost me when it entered the expanse, I just no longer cared about the characters).

7. At what age did I get my first set of wheels and what was it?

16; Blue Chevy Cavalier (5 points) 13
14; Black 280ZX with T-top (10 points) 2
15; Gray Chevy truck with extended cab and 8' bed (8 points) 6
16; Black Grand Prix (0 points) 7
15; Red Mazda Miata (0 points) 2

Yeah, a 280ZX doesn't seem like an ideal first car, does it? The truck belonged to my dad during the same time period; I much preferred to drive it. The cavalier was my second car; we needed a fourth when it was time for my sister to learn to drive, so I got a new one.

8. Which of Richard's stories is my favorite?

"You asked the CHILD to light the FIRE?" (4 points) 7
"I'm only happy when I'm UNhappy" (2 points) 1
"Ladies, STONE that woman!" (10 points) 10
"So, the cows have a 300 pound ear?" (6 points) 2
Nigel the lobster (8 points) 10

The Nigel story is my second favorite, but unfortunately it needs the hand gestures to be told well.

The stoning story is from years ago, at an event the Oldcastles and Richard's old household (and maybe others, I dunno) were discussing their personas, when a clueless girl walked up to explain that she was the daughter of a noble who ran away with a pirate (you know the drill...). Richard's then-wife announced to her ladies in waiting, "LADIES, Pick Up A Stone." So they did (you didn't disobey his ex-wife). "Ladies, STONE that woman!"

Fortunately, she got bodily lifted out and away into safety. :-)

9. What's the first thing Richard ever said to me?

"Hey, baby, what's your sign?" (0 points) 1
"I am Sir Richard de Montbrai, and you are?" (3 points) 12
Hello (5 points) 6
"So, what sort of things in the SCA are you interested in?" (10 points) 9
::Whistles:: (0 points) 2

We didn't ever have a formal introduction. We were sitting in the living room of one of his squires, and everyone else went to get plastic. I was still 'new', so he struck up a conversation with the newcomer.

10. If I could choose a different degree/career, knowing what I do now, what would it be?

Electrical Engineering (8 points) 2
Technical Writer (9 points) 3
Statistician (10 points) 1
Mechanical Engineer (7 points) 9
I like being a Ceramic and Materials Engineer (2 points) 15

I'm having fun with statistics, and with writing, so those are my top two choices. I've been fascinated by logic since I took an elective in the electrical engineering department as an undergrad. I was hired as a mechanical engineer, and sometimes I wonder if my life wouldn't be a little easier if I was trained that way.

There's a lot of specialized knowledge from the ceramic engineering side that I'm not using, and don't particularly WANT to use.

Kudos to Amalia for being the only one to get that right!

So, the high scores:

Will anyone admit to being "moi"?

1 syrrichard 90
2 Amalia 80
3 mmcnealy 77
4 Lady Kaolin 74
5 moi 74
6 ladyeorann 73
7 galiana_db 71
8 jducoeur 69
9 hfcougar 69
10 kiarapanther 68
11 noxcat 68
12 ciorstan 68
13 Morgan 67
14 Apollonia 67
15 cellio 66
16 Parnell 62
17 tashabear 62
18 Theron 62
19 ysabelot 61
20 siobhan 61
21 serenalyons 58
22 prelley 56
23 Ro 56
24 Iseulte 56
25 Keilyn 54
26 generys 51
27 paquerette 51
28 alexx_kay 48
29 medievalsweetie 46
30 Ann 35