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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-08-05 - 7:42 a.m.

One of the things I'm going to do (with all of my new free time) is start concentration on being an ARTISAN. I've put too much energy into the geographical group and my own projects have suffered for it.

As a motivational tool, I'm looking at upcoming A&S competitions and am going to make plans to enter stuff wherever I can.

So... what activities do I know about?

Fall Coronation; September 4 - items from pre-1000

I've got a pair of Jorvik caps to embroider. Not sure when they were found, though. I'll have to look that up. If they're too late, I don't have anything else pre-1000.

Masters of Defense; September 11; Lochmere

Amalia's going to this one, so I need to plan something since I'll probably be there anyway.

From the flyer:

For those less martially inclined, there will be a teaching/tourney session for two popular games: Nine Man Morris and Tablut. In a venue right on the tourney field, we will conduct a teaching session in the morning and provide game boards and pieces. After lunch, a tourney will be held for each game with prizes to be awarded. In addition, there will be Children's Activities and an open archery shoot.

Not much in the way of competition to prepare for. Certainly can brush up on the games beforehand, though. That would be fun.

Chalice of the Sun God; September 18; Ponte Alto

Another that Amalia's attending. They're doing some sort of team thing, but I'm not interested in being a part of Dun Carraig's team, so I need to find out if they're doing individual things.

From the flyer:

There will be Chalice competitions in bardic and artifact A&S. For questions about the A&S competitions contact Celia of Rosedale (rosedale703 AT or check the FAQ. Bardic Chalice Competition: Bards and other performers shall compete in a Challengers' Competition for the right to face the Chalice Bard. The winner of that face-off becomes Chalice Bard, and may compete under the title next year. Each Bard should have 2 pieces prepared, one of which shall be in period style documented. Both pieces must contain some mention or theme concerning a drinking vessel. Artifact Chalice Cometition: Artisans shall compete in a Challengers' Competition for the right to face the Chalice Artisan. The winner of that competition shall become Chalice Artisan, and may compete under the title next year. The competition theme is "A Lady's Pleasure" - things that are enjoyed by ladies in period.

Not doing the bard thing, but "A Lady's Pleasure" is a wide open category. Will have to think about that one more, but there's always game boards. I've got one half finished. Oh, I've got that have finished psaltry as well. That NEEDS to be finished! Fun, fun!

A Viking Thing; September 25; Yarnvid (New Canton, VA)

Can't find any information besides the name, but I've got some Viking stuff.

University October 2; Storvik

Need to update the ladies class and decide what to do about the awards class for newcomers. Will probably get to take 3 or 4 classes, too.

Kingdom Crusades October 11

Another that Amalia has plans to attend.

Thegns and Thralls: A Night in Heorot; 29-31 October 2004; Bright Hills

Classes in a variety of Viking and Anglo-Saxon subjects,

including sprang, Viking wrestling (glima), and carving a bone needle are


Several competitions will be sponsored by people of the barony:

"Best Use of Bayeux Tapestry Stitch" embroidery competition sponsored by

Lady Martel von Charlottenburg. Documentation is required. Please contact Lady Martel at [email protected] for details.

A mead competition will be sponsored by Lord Michel von Schonsee, the Royal

Brewer. For details, contact him at [email protected]

"Best Handcarved Viking Item" in any medium (wood, bone, antler, soapstone,

etc.) and "Best Item Done in Sprang or Nalbinding" sponsored by Mistress

Ingvild Josefsdatter and Lord Owen Sherard Trahern. Contact Mistress

Ingvild at [email protected] for more information.

Join us in our quest for the most talented skald. Teams of players seek

prize words at each test in Beowulf's Quest that they may write an even greater saga with those very words. Each team will present its saga during feast.

Their Excellencies Barre and Cordelia will be offering prizes to the

best-dressed Viking man and woman present during the day.


A reproduction of the Mastermyr toolbox and its contents made by members of

theforge email list will be on display during the day on Saturday.

There will also be an open display for Anglo-Saxon and Viking arts and

sciences. First attempts and works in progress are welcome!

Can wear my viking garb and enter the embroidered Jorvik cap. Perhaps a good excuse to teach myself sprang?

Fall Crown November 6 2004 - items from 1000-1250

Hmmm. I don't know if I have anything for this time period.

A Day at the Races; November ? 2004 - The theme will be "The Symbols of the Contrade," which consist on Tortoise, Wave, She-Wolf, Goose, Shell, Porcupine, Dragon, Owl, Snail, Panther, Eagle, Caterpillar, Unicorn, Ram, Giraffe, Forest and Tower.

Flags! Woot!

Thanksgiving; November 27 (no events, I'm going to SC)

Unevent; December 4; no A&S (it's not even a real event and I don't need to go)

Cear Mear Baronial Investiture; December 11

Another Amalia is going to.

Kingdom 12th Night January 2005 - items from 1250-1492

Flags would make a fun entertainment for this event, depending on where it will be. Otherwise, could just enter a few of the flags themselves into the competition (or both).

Geez, I'm going to be busy!