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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-10-24 - 10:20 p.m.

Random Updates

or, the past month in fast forward

Indian Head Autumn Festival Demo

At one point during the day I had to shake my head. Thank goodness I DIDN'T have to take the red-eye back from the West Coast for this (instead spent 14 hours traveling and lost three additional to the time change).

New organizers for the festival messed up by moving the date, increasing the prices, and not advertising enough. Low attendance, and they rearranged the traffic flow so we were in a bad spot for a demo.

Not sure what's going to happen with that one next year.


Weekend after that was University. Evidently I got really nervous teaching "The Art of Being a Noblewoman," but not nervous at all about teaching "Understanding Rank, Titles, and Awards." Strange.

I guess I had my panic about URTA Friday night. I shouldn't have been nervous about teaching TAoBaN, that's the seventh time!

I keep saying it needs an overhaul, but the discussion goes in a different direction each time, so I'm not sure where to take it. I think it needs an overhaul just for myself. I'm teaching it by rote; not good!


First MIT event (working on becoming a rapier marshal). Jumping into a melee first thing was maybe not the smartest thing I've ever done. That was a little overwhelming.

Got a TERRIBLE (all I can do is sit here crying) headache. I walked all over site looking for Richard (who had the keys to the truck where the pain medicine was). Couldn't find him, so collapsed in Dun Carraig's dayshade. Amalia went looking and he was in the first place she looked.

After painkillers, caffinated beverages, and sugar, the headache disapeared. It was one of the strangest things I've ever experienced - they usually don't just get better like that - not that I'm complaining!

Fabulous dinner with Generys and Girard, then long conversation into the night. Two hour drive home to sleep in our own bed.

Dude, we just daytripped Crusades. We used to live 10 hours away. It was a bit of a surreal moment.

Most fabulous thing about Crusades . . . money raised for Duke Gyrth. Though it was a bit of a surreal moment writing a check for bills that we still haven't completely paid off (Richard's amputation was three-ish years ago).

Second best? I won the raffle! 50 yards of silk! Wow.

First Non-Dun Carraig Activity

We live right on the edge of Dun Carraig, and it's actually closer to go to stuff in Storvik and Ponte Alto than the majority of stuff in Dun Carraig, but you have to drive through DC to do it, and I'm still a bit skittish about that.

Add to the fact that I usually have to be in to work by 0630 . . . we haven't actually gone to any of the various "nights" in the area.

Last Friday, we decided to go to Ponte Alto's social. It was billed as Belphoebe 's lucet class/A&S night/Bardic/C&I. Had a great time there, relearned double color lucet (which I knew once upon a time and forgot), and my car broke down on the way home.

Getting a new Truck

Luckily, we were most of the way home, but it DIED. Transmission. Ouch.

So, I called my parents and we got a ride home. Got the bill on Monday. This was the second time my truck has broke on me, and it wasn't even three years old (it only took me a year and a half to kill the warranty). Total cost of the two repairs: over $4k. OUCH!

Time to buy a new truck. I spent most of my evenings car shopping, and Thursday I drove her home.

2004 Chevy Trailblazer. Yes, this is what I had, but this time I sprang for the extra warranty (6 years, 100,000 miles) and this isn't the first year the Trailblazer came out (the old was 2002).

It's fabulous. Blue, with grey leather interior. Four Wheel Drive (second major reason for the upgrade; I have no snow driving experience and got the 2WD Trailblazer stuck in the mud all the time). Sunroof, Bose premium sound, heated seats, side airbags (those are optional?!), 17" wheels, running boards, radio controls on the steering wheel, OnStar (not sure if I'll use it), plus all of the standard stuff: power windows, power locks, remote, dual A/C, towing package, yadda yadda.

Love the truck. LOVE it. Yeah, maybe I went overboard on the creature comforts, but, hey, this is why I went to school for years, right?

Mom says it needs a name, and the old truck died because I called it "truck".

I'm thinking Vanity. :-)