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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-11-03 - 7:03 p.m.

General Updates

Why have I been so quiet the past few days?

I've been commuting into DC for Contracting Officer's Technical Representative training. Yay.

This is where Denise learns that she really IS suited for a government job, because her first thought upon becoming a COTR is to "read the contract" (which not everyone wants to do). Of course you don't have to actually READ the whole thing cover to cover, but know what it says and READ the technical stuff.

I've dreadfully missed having internet access, especially while the election drama is going on.

Of course, I missed it most when we walked into the Metro station and were informed that the Red Line was delayed for an "emergency". I read (when I got home! 90 minutes later!) that an empty train collided into one that had people in it, injuring 20 (none serious). I was standing on the platform thinking "terrorists" and trying to remember which line the Regan Building (Bush's headquarters while waiting for returns) was on.

The commuting sucks, and I feel so dirty from being in the city; I don't know that I could do it every day.

Tomorrow is the last day, but since we're getting finished early, I'm riding in (a car) with a bunch of coworkers. The bus doesn't start the run home until 3:40, and that doesn't help when we'll be finished at 1 or 2.

The good side is the walking. Exercise is good.

Being at the Navy Yard is weird, too. Our base is so small that they closed the galley! Indian Head at least has the Powder Keg and the credit union, but not much else. The Navy Yard is like being back at college. Walk a few blocks and there's a food court; some random fast food places in various buildings; I even saw a sign encouraging people to meet for lunchtime yoga and meditation!

The Election

I'm liberal on social issues, but work for the federal government in an area that is BOOMING because of the war in Iraq (plus if the soliders are supporting Bush, who am I to judge that we don't need to go; they've BEEN THERE).

I'm just happy that the answer is (relatively) clear and that we've had the highest voter turnout since 1968.