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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2005-07-06 - 8:26 p.m.

Life Proceeds

Haven't written here in a bit; life has been flying by with positive changes.

How do I sum up 4 months in a short entry (because I have to get back to studying)?

I've gone back to school. Why I think I need a second master's degree (this one in statistics) I'll never know. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that I really like that part of my job and want to become better at it.

It's a distance program through Colorado State. I watch lectures on VCD (similar to DVDs) and fax homeworks. My first test is tomorrow, so I'm a little stressed. It'll be alright though.

In other work related news, I love my job. I get to blow things up and hang out on boats, what else needs to be said?

Home life. . . I have a pair of cats to keep me company. Of course I took lots of pictures. The big grey is Yates. He's a hefty 14 pound 2-year-old with plushy fur. The smaller grey and white is Hunter, an older kitten (about 6 months in the pictures, closer to 9 or 10 now). They are named after statisticians because I'm a geek like that. :-)

They're both fabulous. Hunter is just that, a little hunter. He also thinks he's a puppy; following me around, licking everyone, and making most UNcatlike noises imaginable. Yates is 'diginified' . . . except when you waggle your fingers at him. Then he'll plop down next to you to get his belly scratched. His purr sounds more like an asthmatic wheeze, but the vet said his lungs are fine.

I posted some paint pictures a few months ago. . . now everything has been painted except the two upstairs bathrooms and my bedroom. Still trying to decide on my bedroom. Also bought a new set of office furniture so my office is semi-organized. Yay! It looks fabulous.

Just finished building a deck. If you're considering it, I'd recommend contracting it if you can at all afford it. I thought I was going crazy (and fell behind on my schoolwork a bit).

It's all good, though. The goal for the yard is to be as low maintaince as possible. I had to gravel under the deck (code since I'm so close to the Potomac), and in the swale between my house and the hill. On the hill (not in the picture) I'll plant greenery and mulch. I should mention that the green snake under the deck is a hose, and the boards at the base of the stairs will be replaced with stepping stones. The potted trees will be planted on the hill.

SCA... haven't done much recently. Mostly been focusing on healing and housework (which has been its own type of healing - taking control of my surroundings). I'm looking forward to the fall tourney season, starting with a long haul trip to fall Coronation.

In other news. . . I have a new guy. We've clicked amazingly well and complement each other fabulously. I'm really looking forward to developing this relationship further.

In general, life is fabulous. I've made so many positive steps forward in the past few months, and I'm just loving every second.