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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2005-08-11 - 10:55 a.m.

Just chugging along with life. I guess I figure that if I manage an entry a month here, I'm doing pretty good.

Work and School Updates
Love my job. I recently spent about 2 weeks out on a 27' Boston Whaler in the Chesapeake Bay for testing. What's not to love about a day spent sunbathing on the roof and swimming to keep cool?

I was interviewed for a few newspaper articles about the work; apparently one has already appeared in the Southern Maryland Independent (a coworker is going to bring it tomorrow). The other should appear in NAS Patuxent River's Tester sometime soon. Fun stuff. If I find any of the articles on the web, I'll post them. I didn't let them take any pictures of me, though, since I looked frightful after being out on the boat.

School is... school. I love the subject matter (probability is like puzzles), but it takes a lot of my time.

On the home front
Got the basement cleaned out and straightened, thanks to the lovely Melanie who assisted by asking "do you really need that?". Um... well, no. I guess not.

With this year's bonus, I'm planning to turn the basement into a sewing workshop. Mostly it just needs electric run and bright lights put in, along with a huge cutting table. Not a big deal. The major benefit is that I can keep projects OUT, but not feel like my dining room and living room are a DISASTER.

Depending on the size of the bonus, I may also install a water softener unit. The hard water up here is making me crazy.

And there's the backyard landscaping to do. . . plant some more bushes, lay landscaping cloth, and mulch. Shouldn't be too bad (a square about 15'x20' is all that was left after the deck).

My new UmFriend
Nathaniel is a total sweetie. What more can be said?

I've been helping him get some garb made; he's leaving for Pennsic tonight or tomorrow. He wants to do Viking, but I'm trying to convince him to at least let me make him a few outfits in the best time period ever (15th century). Or at least the second best (14th century), but he has nice enough ::cough:: legs that I think the shorter doublets would look good on him. ::grin::

SCA News and Plans
With so much time being taken up by school, I haven't done much on this front (besides helping N with garb).

I'll be down to South Carolina for Janos and Rachel's Coronation. It'll be good to see familiar faces and old friends again. It'll be quite a long trip, but I'll be with friends and the time should pass quickly.

At least this time I won't be beading the Baroness's dress (last time I made this long a journey, I spent most of the time trying not to get car sick as Amalia and I beaded her dress :-).

I'm hoping to finish my blue wool kirtle in time, but that depends on how my class goes. School comes first...