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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-03-29 - 9:05 a.m.

House Ramblings

That was an interesting weekend.

We had tossed around the idea of going to Nottinghill's Investiture; I think the world of Liam and Julian. Amalia and Jonthas considered going, but they had a retreat thing with the youth group they help with, and it was just too far for me to drive the whole way.

Besides, I am still annoyed with Mistress Rachel. Bah. Not that that had any part in my decision, but the people I wanted to see were few and far between (Sinclair, Alijt and Hannekin, the usual suspects, there just aren't many of them).

So we stayed home without any real plans. Unfortunately, we're living with my parents until our house is built. My parents built their house last year, and after just over a year they've got it all arranged and stuff the way they want (yard, curtains, furniture, that stuff). The things that are left are major renovations that are waiting on my father.

Okay, that sounded wierd. Yep, my parents have been planning renovations since BEFORE THEY MOVED IN to the house they had built. Mostly it's the kitchen, since the builder put the dishwasher in a stupid place. They asked to have it moved, but the builder forgot.

They also forgot where my parents paid to have hardwood flooring installed, so now it's in both the family room and the living room instead of just one. Not very smart. Stuart Kret is not very impressive.

Wow, I am really rambling. I still haven't talked about my weekend.

So, Mom didn't have any plans either, but she wanted to do housework. There wasn't anything readily available on her house, but mine is a blank slate.

We spent the weekend house shopping.

Now, I don't mind, since she's footing the bill, but I am so tired of making all of these decisions. And you know that Richard is little help. We have similiar enough tastes that he trusts me to make all of the decisions. It's good that we aren't arguing about stuff, but sometimes I'd like someone's opinion other than my mom.

Cause you know when it's all said and done he's going to turn to me and say it looks a lot like my mom's house.

I think I'm too used to college/apartment mis-mash. Nothing really matches, nothing really goes together, there's no theme, and there's nothing you can really do about it. Now I walk into home or fabric stores with a huge bag of STUFF to match.

For my own edification, (and probably everyone else's boredom), here's a list of stuff that I still have to do.

  • Living Room (blues and greens)
    • Curtains: sheers and curtains
    • Find a comfortable reading chair (and ottoman) that doesn't clash with the couch we have and isn't neutral (cause there's already too much neutral in that room).
    • End tables and a coffee table that don't clash with the entertainment center we're getting from my parents (Dad's into big TVs and the largest that can fit in this is a 19", but it's a really nice solid oak cabinet)
    • Table lamps, including a floor lamp for the reading chair
  • Kitchen/Breakfast (reds and yellows)
    • Curtains for sliding glass door and window
    • everything else is okay... we're getting my parents' dining room table (since it gives them an excuse to get new), and their old stonewear dishes (since they got new in Chesapeake since it clashed with their countertops). The dining table isn't going to last long, since it's really too big for the space (I want something with a leaf), but it'll work until we have everything else in place.
    • Oh, I forgot, a small TV for the kitchen countertop
  • Master Bedroom (maroon and navy)
    • Bed and bedding (got sheets on clearance at Linens and Things: white and navy, very soft and wonderful; got a maroon blanket at Marshalls and a cream bedspread at Bed, Bath, and Beyond)
    • Curtains and sheers (got preety embroidered sheers at Linens and Things)
    • Bedroom furniture. My dresser fell down the stairs in the move out of SC, and Richard's has seen better days. I think we're going to leave his downstairs for garb and fabric and get a matching bedroom suite.
  • My office (blues?)
    • Everything, except a computer and sheers (got sheers from mom). This room worries me, since I'm going to want it set up quickly, and I don't have anything.
  • Guest room: Not a concern, but another room that doesn't have anything.
  • Upstairs bathroom (blues and dolphins).
    • Not sure why I'm decorating it in dolphins, but it'll be fun. Not really a concern, but I'm keeping my eyes open for fun stuff.
    • Washer and dryer (yes, they're in the bathroom, not sure how I'll like that). We need a pair. I'm drooling over front loaders.
  • I didn't list the masterbath, probably because I have no idea and it's not an immediate concern anyway.
  • Basement. Yeah, it's a basement, unfinished. Going to be our SCAdian storage area (it's the same level as the garage, so easiest to load and unload stuff). I keep going back and forth if we should try to finish it quickly, or work on the rest of the house and just let it be for a bit. Eventually I have areas planned in my mind for extensive shelving and organized storage of stuff and for Richard's messy crafts (armoring, painting, dying, etc). Going to paint the floor in there with a concrete stain.

Gah, there's a lot left. Ah, well, back to work. The furnace is broke here and I am freezing.