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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-03-30 - 8:02 p.m.

Eventing Schedule


3 - yardwork at parent's house so they'll buy me a new crossbow

9-11 - Easter, probably more yardwork and a trip to Harrisburg to go through the leftovers of my interior decorating aunt and beg crash space for Known World Heraldic Symposium

17 - Crown and War Practice prep?

24 - Dun Carraig's War Practice, entouraging for Amalia

30-2 - Crown Tournament, entouraging and organizing procession


8 - Challege of the Heart, more entouraging and probably chatelaining

15 -

22 - On Target, Amalia's requiring me to go, hence the new crossbow; entouraging; would also like to go to the Armory Soverign of Arms meeting, but don't know how they'll be timed.

28-30 -

June (House Signing Sometime This Month?!!!)

5 - Amalia wants to go to University. If she convinces Jonathas AND we haven't signed yet, I'll go with. Will need a place to stay.

12 - Highland River Melees, if Amalia doesn't have anyone. Otherwise (hopefully) house. Else, Armory Meeting.

18-19 - Relay for Life demo

26 - Known World Heraldic Symposium


3-4 Organizing demo in Indian Head and party at our place afterwards

10 -

17 -

24 -

31 -


7 -

14 - PENNSIC? Depends on house and finances.

So where will you be this spring/summer?