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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-05-07 - 2:57 p.m.

Update: Are you Qualified to Stalk me?

Last night went fairly well. Scanned, saved, and printed copies of 7 scrolls for Richard. A baronial appointment, Hippocampus (Kingdom children's award), and 5 Sea Hawks (Baronial order for everything). Plus I think I scanned about the same number last time... that's a LOT of scrolls!

The good and bad news is that Richard has a job... but it's going to be mostly on the weekends for awhile... It's something, though. This may be his last event for a bit.

Not that much is planned for the summer, anyway. Need to sit down with Amalia's Ladies in Waiting and be sure we have her schedule covered, but that's the extent of my summer event plans right now. Richard will probably be working on the weekends, and we're scheduled to close on our house June 25. There's moving, unpacking, painting, decorating, organizing, landscaping, and all sorts of other stuff that needs to get done for the house to be reasonable.

Late July is Dad's retirement party: 27 or so years in the Navy. It's not retirement, really, it's just getting out of the Navy. He has a job already. (Starts June 1, when he goes on terminal leave).

I'm already getting teased about it at work.

At least there will only be 2 people with my last name (and not related) instead of three. I've been (and will continue to be, evidently) working closely with the other.

So, lots of family coming into town late July, and I've already been told that my house needs to be prepared for guests.

Why did I move into the same area as my parents, again?