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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2004-09-27 - 1:03 p.m.

Whidbey Island Bests and Worsts

I'm back, but I've been running around like crazy. A quick list of bests and worsts; I've got a more detailed account that I started on the plane but I haven't gotten to finish it yet.

Trip as a Whole

Best: Meeting Ysabelot
Worst: Forgetting which shuttle stop I parked near at the airport and having to lug 130 pounds of luggage almost 200 yards. I'm still sore!
Awe-inspiring: Deception Pass. Just... wow. If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, you must see this place (yes, I took pictures; they aren't up yet).

Greenspires Demo

Best: A demo in a Cathedral!
Worst: Wishing I knew more about my persona's response would have been to be in a Cathedral


Best: Being on the boat
Worst: Guy who usually does training was having a baby, and the replacement was inadequately prepared.

Autumn War

Best: Teaching my class, The Art of Being a Noblewoman. It's now been taught in three kingdoms!
Worst: Wet, wet, wet . . . it's a toss up between the wet hem and testing the limits of the rental car in the mud.
Shopping: Found a set of beautiful (sounding) bells for a belled baldric. I'm going to make Richard crazy . . . Also a 2" wide white latigo leather belt blank for Richard and a few other odds and ends.

Testing (ie Work!)

Best: Spending my days on a boat instead of at the desk
Worst: Technology expert wasn't there on Monday (so I had to operate the system we were testing; which I had never even seen until the week before!)
Just plain silly: We tried to sink a 27' Boston Whaler. Luckily we didn't succeed!

Coming Home

Best: Being home (duh)
Worst: Having to pay the bills that piled up
I'm grateful because: I didn't have to take the red-eye (as planned) to make the Autumn Festival demo (we finished testing early and I left Friday morning, arriving home about 1 am Friday night).