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Thoughts of the Lady in the Tower

2005-01-02 - 11:43 p.m.

SCA Question Meme

Waiting for the electric blanket to heat up my bed...

1. What is your SCA Name?
Registered as Alienor de Narbonne, but I'm working on a later period (15th century) English name (to match my persona shift. So far I've only gotten the first name: Helewyse, but I'm toying with Inthewode (spelling may not be exact, it's late).

Wanted to change it to Eleanor (later form of Alienor), but another member of my barony sort of uses that as her alternate. Sure, she doesn't use it much, but I've spent my whole life sharing my name with other people, and I'm tired of it. At work I share my first name AND my last name. No one I know uses Helewyse (which, of course, means no one knows how to pronounce it).

2. What are your titles?

Lady, but as others have done, I'll add the awards:

Golden Knot (Nottinghill Coill)
Baron's Award of Excellence (Nottinghill Coill, from Janos)
Gordian Knot (Nottinghill Coill)

3. When did you join the SCA?

Fall, 1999.

4. What SCA branches have you belonged to?

  • Kingdom of Atlantia
    • Barony of Dun Carraig
    • Barony of Nottinghill Coill
      • Canton of Falcon Cree
      • Canton of St. Georges

5. What questions about SCA history would you like to have answered?

Honestly can't think of any...

6. What is your favorite SCA folktale (true or apocryphal)?

Mistress Margert orders the Bimbo to be Stoned. It's so bold, and I'm sure we've all encountered bimbos we'd all like to see stoned (Note: no bimbos were actually injured in the making of this story :-)

7. Who in the Society has influenced you the most and why?

That would obviously have to be Syr Richard. How many newcomers get their very own stodgy peer to poke with questions at odd hours of the night?

8. Who was/is your favorite king? Queen? (What kingdom)

I'll admit, I fell in love with Cuan and Padraigin at one of their 12th Nights. They just typify class. For example, they were giving an award to someone, and the mediallion had a clasp. The each took an end and fastened (one hand each) it behind the person's head. That sort of gesture shows a special grace, care, and skill (!) that we don't often see on the thrones.

Plus there's fun (her ermine spotted tights), and a very timely sense of humor. They are a joy to watch.

9. How do you think you most influenced the SCA?

I think mostly by encouraging people to THINK about their participation. If you aren't enjoying something, don't just stop; figure out WHY and how to avoid not enjoying stuff. I'm probably driving my Baroness batty with my group dynamics theory, but she keeps telling me she's learning a lot and is trying to keep me around :-)

10. What is your most vivid SCA memory?

Okay, don't laugh.

The way the leaves were falling at my first SCA event. It was fall at King's Mountain and the weather was just really contributing to the "moment".

11. What about the SCA has changed the most since you joined?

A lot of the changes that I see are the result of moving across the kingdom! It's hard to pinpoint "SCA" changes.

I don't know. People are people are people. There's still as*holes and angels in every group.

12. What do you miss the most about the SCA since you joined?

The people who've passed on.

13. What is your worst SCA memory?

Stupid people. Nothing really stands out as Truly Awful, but there's a lot of I'd Rather Be Somewhere Else

14. What is your favorite SCA song?

Moon and the Stars (obviously!) Richard wrote it for me.

15. If you could talk to anyone from SCA history, who would it be?

You know, this question sort of implies that the person no longer be around, but I'd really love to sit down with some of the Queens that I've really admired and try to wrinkle out how they DO that. The big three are Niobe, Kyneburh, and Padraigin.

16. What were the authenticity standards when you joined?

I'd have to admit that I didn't really notice. Can't judge authenticity when I had No Clue what was authentic and what wasn't. It probably wasn't until 2001 that I really started to pay attention. I initially approached the SCA as a social club, and my first "research effort" (in 2000) was heraldry. Didn't really get into other stuff (like kit) until later.

17. What did you wear to your first event?

White kirtle (very loose) and blue velveteen surcoat. Borrowed from someone in Gryphon's Moon (not sure who it belonged to, though I've seen Julie in it several times).

18. What do you think is the best development in the SCA since you joined?

You know, when I think SCA development, I naturally think of my own development as a person. I started the SCA as a socially inept, EXTREMELY introverted, college sophmore. I've come a long way, so the most meaningful thing to me that's developed in the SCA is myself. There's still a long way to go, but I'm aware of a lot more things than I used to be.

That wasn't really the POINT of the question, though...

19. What do you think is the worst development in the SCA since you joined?

Increasing levels of beuracracy (yes, even though I'm trying to be a part of that). It takes time and energy away from our 'game' and so has an overall negative effect.

Especially since so many of the kingdom officers don't respond to reports.... the local officers feel disconnected and adrift. Since no one cares and cherishes their efforts, it's much easier to burn out.

20. What is your favorite SCA activity?

I love to teach. I love the light people get in their eyes when they 'get' it. I love helping newcomers become more functional members of our Society. I love improving my local area by spreading knowledge about.